Deepti Gupta From India @ SOSYETE ART On ART TALKS

Suna Baykam Sapan / Sosyete Art Founder : What is the meaning of “art” for you?

Deepti Gupta: Art means life for me because it keeps me in centre and makes me happy. I am doing kathak dance and mixing those things which a common men always like to seek to enjoy in themselves and got physically and mentally active so art makes me up for my inner soul and uplifts it too.

2. Could you tell us about the message of your dance?

My message through dance is to spread happiness. As a dancer I do it with full happiness and enjoy the process when audience also feel happy to watch my dance so I just feel greatful and enjoy this process of dance.

3. Till how many years do you dance and what does it mean dance for you?

I have been dancing for 26 years since my childhood. I started to learn this dance and I’m doing this dance which keeps me alive and means a lot ,it’s a great experience too.

4. Music and dance are together always. Which type of music do you prefer for dancing?

Without music, dance cannot be completed and I really enjoy it in my dance as this dance is all about Indian classical kathak.

Indian classical dance kathak having Indian classical music in it .

5. India is a very big country. How do you think to be an artist? It’s a very big chance also for you and also for us.

India is a very big country as well as a very rich country in culture so it’s a great opportunity for artists to grow their art and as a teacher also to promote the art among children and students so they can adopt that they can learn that and they can spread this fragrance for coming years so this kind of opportunity we take the messages is art should be live always so it is not also about India it about across the globe because the dance makes people happy so from the globe any people can dance to make them happy and this is very great if from the globe people comes and it happens, people come and learn the classical dance they enjoy like anything and it is a big opportunity for me also to promoting this art among the people and for the platform also. Dance is their people are wanting to learn which means both sides are ready to teach and learn.

6. Dancing is good for being a positive person. How are you believings?

I think I’ve already answered it in the entire interview as dance makes happy and  curve your personality develops it too , so every aspect is something to push you up and that’s the positive thing dance makes you a positive personality so I do believe that because I’m experiencing it I’m hoping I always want to experience through my life.

This message goes to the world through dance, especially Indian classical dance is a medium from which dance is learned and because of that people remain physically, mentally active and fit and at the same time personality development takes place and knowledge of rich culture and classical dance is given to the world, due to which people see it, like it, get attracted and learn a lot, this is the message that all people should be more interested to learn and keep dancing so that in life keep happiness keep making enjoyment.

8. Can you give us your social media addresses?

My social media address

Instagram /Facebook  – @deepti_kathak

Youtube- kathakdancebydtf

9. How does success always follow you?

Success does not follow me its a karma of what I do and what I believe I don’t know the success but yes I know the karma.

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