“The Power of Creation”

YAZAN: Rachel Elizabeth Szewczuk-Çil 

Sitting in my studio, I reflect upon myself and the path my life has taken, especially when pertaining to the arts. 

I reflect on myself as an artist, as a wife, a sister, a daughter, an art therapist, an art educator and a human. How have all these roles manifested themselves through the artistic lens? 

I continue to remember how lucky and thankful I am for this creative power the universe has granted me. 

My life as an artist has taken numerous paths, winds, and turns in every direction. Various changes have occurred in my life, but one thing has always stuck and has always been certain … I, myself, am always an artist and creative. This is my greatest role and greatest gift.

Today I write about the beauty of creation and the power in has within each of us. How art has many different forms, versions and ways to be portrayed. How strong the power of art (in every form) has within us and around us. How each of us have this spark and sparkle inside of us, to make and find peace and salvage within the inner world of art and the beauty of creation. 

Whether it be us creating an artwork of our own, creating a song, singing to music, cooking a meal, gardening, viewing art inside a museum, writing, making our own clothes, listening to the sounds of nature, dancing and more- we all have this power to create or be moved by creation. 

For myself, art came at a young age. I was surrounded by artists and creatives in my family. This inspired me to create and be driven by this force of art. I was raised to see the world through colors, dancing lines and moving forms. My passion and vision has always been to show the world through the creative lens, no matter what it may be. 

As an art therapist I believe art can be a catalyst for change; helping individuals seek release, rejuvenation and recharge. Allowing individuals to build upon healthy coping mechanisms, self esteem, anger issues, survival of trauma experiences and more. In a therapeutic setting art becomes a vessel to allow oneself the room to express a plethora of feelings and emotions securely. Art becomes a safe haven, where speaking isn’t needed and experiences dont need to be spoken about. This engagment in art dives into the inner child and allows one to delve deep into the inner soul, retrieving memories, traumas and past happenings. And most of all, it becomes an ever apparent voice of reason and awareness. 

As an art educator, I’ve worked in various countries, observing children and adults alike find peace, calm, compassion and understanding in the art making process. I’ve watched art making and the creative realm allow students to reconnect to themselves, to find achievement, happiness and confidence, and realize understanding in other school subjects they may have found difficult. For adults I observed the art making process become a way to express oneself to the fullest, reconnect with the inner child, allow oneself to have room to experiment, let loose from the routine of everyday life, and gain a positive outlook and appreciation for oneself.

Overall, art is a powerful tool. One that each and everyone of us have the capacity to contain, use, and perform. Allowing ourselves the space and time to engage in artful or creative activies is an important part of each day and should be utilized. Giving ourselves, even just a small portion of the day, if possible, to engage in such activities can have extremely positive effects on our dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. This can positively change our mood, our outlook on the day and can really help with our overall self esteem and ability to carry out daily tasks. Remember, art isn’t just about painting or the more traditional arts – this can be cooking, journaling, writing a poem, potting a plant, hanging a new photos, sewing a button on a shirt and more! 

This point is, we are all creative in our own ways and we all have the power of art within us. Keep being creative, try new things, step out of your comfort zone, let yourself hang loose, and embrace the artist and creative within you ✨️ 

One love everyone 

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